personal exibitions
Florence, January 10/February 28 1990, Palazzo Strozzi
"Roberto Capucci, l'Arte della Moda - Volume, Colore, Metodo": 188 clothing from the Archive of the 50s through the 90s. (Catalogue Fabbri Art Edition)
Munich, April 26/September 2 1990, Munchner Stadtmuseum
"Roberto Capucci, Mode und Kunst Volumen, Farbe, Metodhe": second edition of the Exhibition of Strozzi Palace, 150 dresses of the Archives of the 50s through the 90s. (Catalogue Fabbri Art Edition)
Wien, December 2 1990/April 2 1991, Kunsthistorihsches Museum
"Roberto Capucci, Roben wie Rustungen Mode in Stahl und Seide Einst und Heute": 80 dresses from the Archives of the 50s through the 90s with 80 ritual armours of the XV century and 15 formal dresses of the XVIII century of the Habsburg Imperial Family belonging to the collection of the Museum. Capucci is nominated Honorary Partner of the “Kunstlerhaus – Society of Figurative Arts of Austria” and the honour was conferred, this was already conferred to Mirò, Tapies and Mondrian. (Kunstlerhaus Edition Catalogue)
Cernobbio (Como), March 23/March 26 1993, Villa d’Este
exhibition of 50 fabric sculptures of which 35 from the collection presented in Berlin and not presented in Italy, and 15 from the Capucc Archives, designs and historical documents.
Rome, March 11/April 15 1994, Palazzo delle Esposizioni
"Roberto Capucci. I percorsi della creatività": 129 fabric sculptures from the Archives and designs from creations designed but never made. (Catalogue Fabbri Art Edition)
Wien, April 29/June 30 1994, Schonbrunn Castle
"Roberto Capucci - Una passione per Vienna": exhibition of 59 creations from the Archives and designs never made.
Montefalco (Perugia), July 10/October 10 1994, Church of S. Francesco
"Arte e colore senza tempo": for the first time fabric sculptures from the Archives with artwork from the 400s are put together by Benozzo Gozzoli at Perugino.
Luxembourg, May 23/June 11 1996 – The Municipal Palace of Luxembourg
invited by the Cultural Institute of the Italian Embassy in the occasion of the Italian Semester of the Presidency of the European Union, exhibited 12 “Textile Architecture” made for the Venice Biennale in June 1995.
Parma, June/September 1996, Palace of the Pilotta Theatre Farnese
"Roberto Capucci al Teatro Farnese. In difesa della bellezza":
the Farnese Theatre is used for prestigious events after the restoration of the Pinacoteca Nazionale. The title of the exhibition was dedicated to Capucci and was taken from the title of one of the last art works that represented up to the mid 1600s. 153 fabric sculptures from the 50s through the 90s, creation designs never made and technical designs with fabric samples. (Museum Project Publishing Catalogue)
Milan, February 1999, Palazzo Bagatti-Valsecchi
"I disegni mai realizzati di Roberto Capucci":150 original illustrations with various techniques of creations designed but never made, and fabric sculpture “Ocean” exhibited at the Expo Universal of Lisbon 2000.
Viterbo, October 1999, Sala Regia of the Palazzo dei Priori
"Quando la moda è arte":exhibition of the 12 ‘Textile Architecture’ created for the Venice Biennale in 1995.
Rome, 13/28 July 2000, Palazzo Colonna
"L'Elogio della Bellezza": 70 fabric sculptures exhibited at the prestigious Gallery of the Palazzo Colonna , which puts together the Collections of the Principi Colonna. (Catalogue De Luca)
Chambord, France, October 22 2000, Château de Chambord: exhibition organized by the Latina Union and by the National Monument Centre. 62 fabric sculptures in exhibition.
Venice, 10/27 February 2001, Tese of the sixteenth-century of the Arsenal
"Roberto Capucci creatività al di là del tempo": 38 fabric sculptures from the Archives in a multimedia exhibition with film clips especially made. For this exhibition Capucci makes ‘Crepe’, a creation in a new fibre from Nylstar-Meril. (Catalogue Skira)
Bologna, October 1st 2001, Palazzo Albergati: 20 fabric sculptures exhibited for a F.A.I. charity - Italian Environmental Fund.
Stockholm, October 22, 2001, Nordiska Museet
"Roberto Capucci - Mode som Konst": 70 fabric sculptures in an exhibition inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Silvia from Sweden.
Tokyo, 12/30 May 2002, Park Hyatt Ozone Hall
"Roberto Capucci creatività al di là del tempo": in occasion of the promotional manifestations in Italy, the Italian Embassy in Tokyo promotes along with the National Institute of Foreign Trade, the exhibition of 40 fabric sculptures from the Archives in an multimedia event with film clips especially made. Exhibition inaugurated by the Imperial Takamado Pricess. (Skira Catalogue)
Madrid, September 26/ November 22, 2002, Exhibition Hall of the Fundacion Santander-Central Hispano
"Vestidos y armaduras - Roberto Capucci - Moda de ayer y hoy en seda y acero": 56 fabric sculptures exhibited from the Archives with parade armours from the XVI and XVII century of the Imperial Armory of Vienna and the Royal Armory of Madrid. The exhibition is inaugurated by The Enfante de Espana Principe Don Carlos de Borbon dos Sicilias. (Catalogue Edition Foundation Santander Central Hispano)
Lecce, December 20th 2002/January 20th 2003, Castle of Carlo V
"L'elogio della bellezza - La visione barocca di Roberto Capucci": exhibited 60 fabric sculptures from the Archives.
Varese, May 9/September 21 2003, Villa Panza di Biumo
"Roberto Capucci - Lo stupore della forma": as per the initiative of the F.A.I. – The Italian Environmental Fund - 80 fabric sculptures from the Archives are exhibited together with contemporary art from the Panza di Biumo collection. (Catalogue Skira)
Cairo, December 17, 2003/January 16, 2004; Foyer of the Artwork Theatre
"L'arte non è moda ma la moda può essere arte": on the cultural exchange programme between Italy and Egypt of the Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian Embassy in Cairo, along with artwork from other artist, the exhibition is composed of 14 fabric sculptures – the 12 ‘Textile Architecture’ of the Venice Biennale, the sculptural dress dedicated to Marchese Giorgini for 50 years of Italian Fashion and ‘Ocean’ made for the Expo Universal of Lisbon 2000.
Rome, March 18/April 5th 2004, Oratorio of S. Rita
"I corpi invisibili - Acqua e Fuoco": for the City Hall of Rome, there were exhibited ‘Ocean’ made for the Expo of Lisbon 2000 and ‘Fuoco’ of 1985, fabric sculptures inspired by water and fire, with sonorous architecture created by the composer Maurizio Martusciello, and olfactory suggestions by the perfume creator Lorenzo Villoresi.
Gorizia, July 2/October 2nd 2004, Provincial Museum Palazzo Attems-Petzenstein, Borgo Castello
"Roberto Capucci - Arte e creatività oltre i confini della moda": the exhibition of 120 fabric sculptures from the Archives and 50 illustrations in two different exhibitions organized because of the celebrations for the new admission of Slovenia to the European Union. (Catalogue Gorizia Provincial Museums Edition)
Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium February 1/June 3rd 2005, Stedelijk Modemuseum
"Verlufende Modesculpturen - Stupefacenti sculture di Moda": the Italian Consulate promotes the project dedicated to the Italian community who resides on the new museum of fashion and dress. Exhibition of the 12 ‘Textile Architecture’ created for the Venice Biennale in 1995 and 50 illustrations.
Strasbourg, 2/24 March 2006, Palais du Rhin
"Quand la Mode devient Architecture": the Regional Administrative Department of Cultural Affairs of the French Ministry of Culture along with the Italian Institution of Culture exhibited the 12 ‘Textile Architecture’ made for the Venice Biennale in June 1995 so that to inaugurate this year's edition of “Vivre les Villes”, date dedicated to Contemporary Architecture. Roberto Capucci made a new creation ‘Architecture’, evocative of the relationship of contemporary men with nature and the city.
Genova, April 1/May 1st 2006, The Borsa Palace
"Roberto Capucci - Vestire l'Arte": 81 fabric sculptures for a cultural philanthropic project in favour of the Associazione ligure per i minori - A.L.P.I.M. (Catalogue Skira)
Moscow, April 24/ June 25 2006, Puskin Museum
"Roberto Capucci - Creare per vivere": 80 fabric sculptures exhibited on the prestigious museum of Moscow during the “Open Festival of Arts” promoted by the Bosco dei Ciliegi Organization.
Florence, June 18-22/July 4-7 2007, Villa Bardini Roberto Capucci Foundation Museum.
On occasion of the preview of the Roberto Capucci's Museum - organized together with Ente Cassa di Risparmio of Florence and Pitti Immagine - has been arranged an installation of 44 sculpure-dresses describing an emotional trip in the Capucci's creativity  from 1956 to 2001. The general project of the Museum setting up has been done by the famous architect Michele De Lucchi.
Florence, October 27 2007/June 26 2008, Villa Bardini Roberto Capucci Foundation Museum
"Roberto Capucci - Returning to Origins - A Homage to Florence": The Roberto Capucci Foundation Museum inaugurates with a group of 8 new creations - 'Foglie', 'Corde', 'Fascia', 'Linee', 'Cerchio', 'Crepe', 'Onda', 'Spire' - magic fabric-sculptures dedicated to Florence. There are also shown 30 exceptional pieces, a series of short dresses from eitghies to nineties that are considered 'micro' projects; in the Permanent Exhibition Room the 'Giorgini' from 2001 and the 'Oceano' from 1998 are shown. The imponent wedding dress of 1992 inspired by Tiepolo with two damsels done on occasion of the last collection presented in Schauspielhaus Theatre of Berlin is also exhibited. (Catalogue Scala Books)
Ljubljana, March19/ May 19 2008, City Museum of Ljubljana Turiaska Palace
"Roberto Capucci. The Dress: a Fashion Sculpture". Opened in coincidence of Slovenia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the exhibition has been opend by the Mayor of Urban Municipality of Ljubljana, with the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Slovenia. 40 creations of the Maestro are shown: 12 ‘ Textile Architectures’ made in occasion of the Centenary of Venice’s Biennale in 1995, 12 drawings of the seventies and eighties and a suggestive gallery of photos taken from the Capucci’s Archive. (Catalogue Edizioni dei Musei Provinciali di Gorizia)
Caraglio, Cuneo September 27 2008/January 6 2009, Filatoio di Caraglio
"Fantasie guerriere. Una storia di seta fra Roberto Capucci e i samurai": 40 creations of the Maestro are shown with a selection of the samurai’s armours of the collection of Museo Stibbert in Florence from XVI to XVIII century. (Catalogue Silvana Editoriale).
Venice, March 7/ May 4 2009, Palazzo Fortuny "Roberto Capucci a Palazzo Fortuny". The Foundation Musei Civici of Venice pays homage to Roberto Capucci with an extraordinary exhibition of 30 creations of the Maestro which documents the evolution of his work during the last years. For the first time the 'Sposa in Rosso' will be exposed, a new creation in mikado two tones of red with red and golden embroidery; another splendid creation exposed is the 'Donna Gioiello', created by Roberto Capucci in 1984 and inspired by the Doge and the Carnival of Venice that has been given to Palazzo Fortuny. Partner of the project is Vhernier with his art jewels. (Catalogue Skira)
Florence October 18 2008/September 2009, the Roberto Capucci Foundation Museum – Villa Bardini
the Roberto Capucci Foundation defines the actions of year 2008/2009 on training and on teaching, hence setting up a project called "Apertura di un percorso di studio" that opens a study course that joins the initiative of training seminars with the activities of the Foiundation Museum. The objective is to establish a direct relationship with new generations whi are favoured by the Foundation’s mission and to strengthen this relationship by enhancing the historical Archive heritage of the Foundation. The new layout in the Foundation Museum is a selection of creations starting from 1950 – from the “Box Line” to experimentations with palstic and brass, from overlapping effects to plaiting, the first overcoats and the first night dresses – up to the 12 'Textile Architectures' made for the Venice Biennale of 1995.
Bracciano of Rome, September 17 2009 /March 8 2010, Castello Odescalchi
“Sovrana Eleganza: Roberto Capucci al Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano”: 66 sculpture- dresses of the historical Archive and 25 original unpublished drawings are the protagonists of the exhibition studied by Roberto Capucci and the Princess Maria Pace Odescalchi. The Castello Odescalchi, in between noble palace and fortitude, represents a suggestive scenary where the creation made by stone melts in harmony with the sculptures made by fabric. (Catalogue Umberto Allemandi Editore)
Florence January 14 / October 2010, the Roberto Capucci Foundation Museum - Villa Bardini
“Questione di Stile. Roberto Capucci Materia e Design” is an exhibition focused on the relation between materials and geometrical designs in the work of Roberto Capucci. The title origins by the column of the web-zine IMORE that has the finality to create an exchange of views on the foundamental Capucci’s themes: ‘Creativity’ – ‘Sourches of Inspiration’ – ‘Colour’.
The project has the finality to join the initiative of training seminars with the activities of the Foundation Museum: in fact the 23 dresses - a selection of the historical Archive from 1980 and 9 new creations of the year 2008-2009 - represent the mark and the style of the Maestro in his way to project, giving his contribution to Italian design.

Florence, February 9 2011 / January 2012, the Roberto Capucci Foundation Museum - Villa Bardini
“Variazioni sul tema della creatività: volute e riccioli, plissettature e geometrie in corto” : swirls and curls, plissè and geometric lines do explod from the sculputure-dress in yellow gold and fuchsia- photographed by Sham Hinchev and Marzia Messina (title of the opera “Restless Sleep”)- give life to twenty-three creations on show in this new exhibition telling a sequence of studies and variations of the artist and inventor of styles Roberto Capucci. A collection of “short”: geometrics, with sophisticated curls and interesting experiments and  innovative work in plissè. Of particular effect is a creation of 2009 by Roberto Capucci in homage to Futurism, as a preview of the exhibition “Futurismo-Moda –Design. La ricostruzione dell’universo quotidiano”  of the Fashion Museum and Applied Arts of the Provincial Museum of Gorizia. The exhibition, curated by Raffaella Sgubin and Carla Cerutti, has been a national event for the Celebrations of the Centenary of the Futurist Manifesto. (Catalog Provincial Museum of Gorizia). Exceptional piece in the exhibition is the “Bride in red”, a creation of 2009 made of a very special and unique fabric, the mikado - especially provided for this purpose and donated to the maestro by Corsil Tessitura Serica Montorfano of Como -  presented for the first time in Venice in March 2009 in occasion of the exhibition “Roberto Capucci at Palazzo Fortuny”.


Philadelphia, March 16 / June 5 2011, Philadelphia Museum of Art
“Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion”: this first anthological exhibition dedicated to the Maestro in the United States is a great event after many appointments taken place during the years: between 1956 and 2003 Roberto Capucci’s creations have been protagonist of  individual and collective events in the most important cities of the U.S.A. In 1956 Capucci’s dresses have been presented in 14 cities of the United States; in Boston in 1958, he was given the award as the best fashion designer in the world for its innovative ‘Linea Scatola’; in 1985, Capucci presented a collection in New York at the Army National Guard Armory. ‘Fuoco’, created in 1985, is one of the most eloquent examples of the idea of a sculpture-dress , and represented the italian creativity on occasion of the exhibition “Sixty years of Italian cultural life”  organized in 1986 by the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani and shown at the Columbia University, this exhibition was re-proposed the following year in Rome at the Museum of Palazzo Venezia. The exhibition “Fashion and Surrealism”, organized at the Victoria and Albert Museum of London in 1987, was repeated in 1988 at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, on this occasion three creations of 1982 by the Maestro, inspired by nature, were also exhibited. In 1994, the Guggenheim Museum in New York exhibited the creation of 1956 ‘Nove Gonne’ on occasion of the “Italian Metamorphosis” , dedicated to the evolution of Italian creativity in all its form. In 2001 at the Felissimo Gallery in New York on occasion of “Design 21”  a dress of 1966 is shown in the style of the “Linea a scatola” with plastic elements; the Gallery of Dia Center, in 2003 on occasion of the exhibition “1950-2000 Theatre of Italian creativity”  showed two creations of the ‘50s of the Archive Foundation. The anthological exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is cured by Dilys Blum, Senior Curator of Costume and Textiles, who wanted to analyze the desire to experience the challenges of the designer and artist Roberto Capucci illustrating the unique techniques that are positioned beyond the traditional categories of form and creative thinking. The exhibition is a study on the ability to build innovative silhouette, on the use of architectural forms, volumes and proportions, on the perspective vision that emerges from “constructions”  articulated, on the ability to experiment with unusual color combinations since entering into the millimetre-folds of clothes to create new color effects. More than 80 creations, original drawings and sketches, a monumental selection which includes wondeful sculpture- dresses, underlines the singleness of sartorial work by Roberto Capucci explaining through a powerful visual impact, the characteristic of the style and the original sensibility of the Maestro. The exhibition shows all the aspects that place Capucci’s creation above trends, above fashion. The exhibition hosts the dresses created at the beginning of his career as well as famous sculpture-dresses, for example the ‘Colonna Dorica’  of 1978 and series of sculpture from 2007 honoring the city of Florence. A limited edition of Mini-Capucci’s, by request of the Museum, has been created in the creative laboratory of the Maestro to re-confirm the Capucci griffe on the American market. The 6 mini-creations use the same proportions and the same fabric of the original creations on a small scale (in the ratio of 1 to 40), they will be sold in the shop of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and on-line.(Catalogue Philadelphia Museum of Art and Yale University Press- New Haven – Connecticut).


Brescia, November 19 2011 / March 18 2012, Museo di Santa Giulia "Roberto Capucci e l'antico. Omaggio alla Vittoria Alata": a selection of pieces of the Historical Archive of the Roberto Capucci Foundation is hosted in this site, recognized by Unesco as World Heritage, in the exhibition "Roberto Capucci e l'antico. Omaggio alla Vittoria Alata". The exhibition, promoted and organised by Comune di Brescia and Fondazione Giacomini Meo Fiorot- Musei Mazzucchelli and with the cooperation of Fondazione Brescia Musei, is held in the Museo of Santa Giulia that, from June 25 of this year has been included into the prestigious and precious list of the sites considered World Heritage of Humanity, as part of the serial site "I Longobardi in Italia. I luoghi del potere (568-774 d.C.)". Santa Giulia is an extraordinary compound which holds, amongst other important historical/artistic heritage, the Vittoria Alata, bronze statue of the Ist century, symbol of the city of Brescia. Roberto Capucci has created his own version of the Vittoria Alata: a unique creation in georgette in three shades of green and mauve, with belt and underskirt in mikado of the same color, which recall the chromatic suggestions of the mauve that covers the ancient bronze.
Thirthy sculpture-dresses which illustrate different themes of inspiration are exhibited: architectural hints but also ideas suggested by the ancient costume, by natural elements and the rotation of seasons. The exhibition, curated by Massimiliano Capella and Francesca Morandini, is divided into five sections : The antique. The architectural orders. The seasons. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and the Vittoria Alata. (Catalogue Allemandi)


Venaria Reale-Turin, March 23/ Febraury 2 2013, Reggia di Venaria: “Roberto Capucci. La ricerca della regalità”. The show is a dazzling display of 50 dresses created since the ‘50s by the legendary fashion designer Capucci for queens, movie stars and dames of high society. Capucci is unparalleled in his ability to represent regality through creations that are genuine “sculpture dresses”, presented here along with sketches, photos, videos and anecdotes on particular moments in time an the celebrities that actually wore such masterpieces. The splendour and solemnity of Capucci’s creations graced the silhouettes of, among others, the princesses of the Borghese, Odescalchi and Colonna families, actress Valentina Cortese and Silvana Mangano, the opera singer Raina Kabajvanska, international stars like Marilyn Monroe, Esther Williams and the Nobel Prize winner for Medicine Rita Levi Montalcini: their dresses punctuate a fascinating journey through fashion and luxury in the second half of the 20th century that reflected the creative genius of one of the world’s greatest fashion designers.